Divine Rush: Maha Shivaratri Draws Masses to Shiva Temples Nationwide

Hyderabad witnessed a vibrant celebration of Maha Shivaratri on Saturday, with devotees immersing themselves in devotional fervor across the city. From the crack of dawn, Lord Shiva temples experienced a surge of devotees eager to perform abhishekam to the Shiva linga. The auspicious occasion coinciding with Shani Trayodashi added to its significance, amplifying the festive spirit.

Meanwhile, the Brahmakumaris orchestrated Shivaratri festivities across multiple venues, attracting throngs of devotees to witness the imposing 66-ft Shiva lingam erected at Gymkhana Ground. The mega ‘Maha Shivling Dwadasha Jyothirlingam Darshanam’ at BHEL Shiva temple in Beeramguda garnered immense turnout as well.

At Bachupally, a three-day celebration featuring meditation and cultural programs drew record numbers, highlighting the spiritual zeal of attendees. Late-night programs were also arranged at various temples, including ‘Abhishakam’ and ‘Eka Dasha Rudrabhishakem’ at Birla mandir, witnessing a significant turnout of devotees. The Sri Rajarajeshwara temple in Vemulawada reported heavy footfall, with thousands flocking to witness the beautifully adorned and illuminated premises. Notably, the state government contributed silk clothes to adorn the presiding deity, adding to the grandeur of the festivities.

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