Eagle: Transitioning to OTT Amid Box Office Struggles

By cinema manishi Feb 28, 2024 #ravi teja

Released on February 9th, the film “Eagle” faced disappointment at the box office, prompting a swift transition to OTT platforms. Just three weeks after its theatrical debut, “Eagle” is set to stream on Prime Video and ETV Win starting March 1st.

In a trend reflective of the current industry landscape, many films are opting for OTT release within four weeks of their theatrical premiere. The decision-making process for producers has become increasingly challenging, with OTT deals significantly impacting movie budgets and serving as a means to recoup theatrical losses.

Despite the belief and anticipation from Eagle’s makers and lead actor Raviteja, the film failed to resonate with audiences as expected. Initially envisioned as a potential blockbuster with significant hype for its sequel, the theatrical performance fell short of expectations. With hopes now pinned on OTT streaming, the success of “Eagle” in garnering a sensational response across all languages will determine the fate of its sequel.

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