Famous Hindi Director Predicts Pushpa 2 Will Surpass Gadar’s Success

The buzz surrounding the highly anticipated film “Pushpa 2: The Rule,” starring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, has reached new heights following the release of its sensational teaser, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its arrival.

In a recent development, Bollywood director Anil Sharma, renowned for helming the 2023 blockbuster “Gadar 2,” expressed his admiration for Allu Arjun’s dedication to his role after watching the teaser. Taking to social media, Sharma shared his excitement, likening the anticipation for “Pushpa 2” to the sensation created by “Gadar 2” last year. He concluded his post by extending congratulations to the entire team and the Telugu film industry. Sharma’s sentiments resonated with many other celebrities who were equally impressed by Allu Arjun’s appearance in the teaser.

Furthermore, “Pushpa 2” is expected to enjoy a solo release across all languages, as the makers diligently work towards completing the film for its scheduled release on August 15, 2024. Backed by Mythri Movie Makers and featuring music by Devi Sri Prasad, anticipation continues to build for this highly anticipated cinematic offering.

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