Fans Divided: Ram Charan’s RC16 Triggers Jealousy Among NTR Fans

By cinema manishi Mar 21, 2024 #ntr

The release of the film RRR has sparked a divisive rift among the fans of both Ram Charan and NTR, the leading actors of the movie. Online debates on platforms like Twitter have been rife with discussions about screen time and performances, fueling ongoing tensions between the fan bases. Now, with the recent Pooja ceremony for Ram Charan’s RC16, jealousy seems to have stirred among Jr. NTR’s followers.

Following the success of Uppena, Director Buchi Babu Sana initially intended to collaborate with Jr. NTR, presenting him with a compelling story that piqued the actor’s interest. However, due to prior commitments with Prashant Neel, Jr. NTR had to decline the opportunity, paving the way for Ram Charan to step in. Speculation arose that RC16 might have been the project Buchi Babu originally envisioned with Jr. NTR, with rumors even circulating about its potential title, “Peddhi.”

The extensive cast and crew lineup for RC16 has further fueled fan discussions. With acclaimed Kannada actor Shiva Raj Kumar praising the film’s storyline and Buchi Babu’s direction, and the addition of music maestro A.R. Rahman and potential involvement of Sanjay Dutt, the project has garnered significant attention. Meanwhile, delays in NTR’s collaboration with Prashant Neel have left some fans wondering if Jr. NTR should have opted for Buchi Babu’s project instead.

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