Gaami Hits Milestone: Earns Rs. 20 Crores in Opening Weekend | Latest Box Office

By cinema manishi Mar 11, 2024 #gaami

Gaami marks director Vidyadhar Kagita’s maiden venture into the realm of cinema. With unwavering dedication, he introduced Gaami to audiences, with Vishwaksen in the lead role. Since its release last Friday, the film has been attracting crowds to theaters.

Following its three-day theatrical stint, Gaami has amassed an impressive Rs. 20.3 crores worldwide, showcasing its robust box office performance. The real challenge for the film begins today, and if it maintains its momentum, there’s a chance for it to dominate this week, especially with no significant releases on the horizon.

Gaami boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Chandini Chowdhary, Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada, Shanti Rao, Mayank Parak, and others. With support from Karthik Sabareesh and a multitude of crowd-funders, the film is elevated by Naresh Kumaran’s captivating score. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates on Gaami and other upcoming releases.

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