Gaami Review: Technically Brilliant But This Vishwaksen Film is Long

By cinema manishi Mar 8, 2024 #gaami

Vishwak Sen steps into uncharted territory with “Gaami,” showcasing a different dimension in his role selection. This visually enchanting adventure unfolds through three parallel narratives, each with its unique challenges and mysteries. Shankar (Vishwak Sen) grapples with a peculiar disease triggered by human touch, initiating a quest into his origins. Simultaneously, a young patient/prisoner (Mohammed Samad) seeks liberation from torturous experiments, and a girl, Uma (Harika Pedda), yearns for her lost motherly love. Directorial finesse and technical brilliance shine, but the film’s longevity and uneven pacing weigh it down.

Performance Brilliance:
Vishwak Sen, with limited screen time, delivers a compelling performance, displaying determination and conviction. Abhinaya, portraying a mother and Devadasi, delivers a fantastic performance that tugs at the heartstrings. Chandini Chowdary, in a supporting role as a doctor aiding Shankar, leaves a mark despite limited scope. The true show-stealer is Harika Pedda, offering a masterclass performance as Uma, imbuing her role with a natural charm that leaves a lasting impact.

Visual Splendor and Musical Mastery:
“Gaami” stands out as a technical gem, featuring breathtaking visuals and a captivating background score. The director and technical team deserve commendation for their dedication. Despite budget constraints, the film boasts stunning visuals that elevate the overall cinematic experience. The music by Naresh Kumaran complements the visuals, breathing life into every scene.

Positives and Negatives:
The film’s strengths lie in its visuals, background score, and lead actors’ performances. However, it falters with an excessive length, physics-defying sequences, and a flat narrative. The director’s attempt to maintain suspense throughout leads to a disconnect with the audience, impacting engagement. The climax brings clarity, but the journey to that point feels prolonged and may test the patience of some viewers.

“Gaami” offers a visually stunning adventure with a captivating story, showcasing the prowess of the Telugu film industry in terms of technical finesse. While the film excels in certain aspects, the pacing might not resonate with everyone. The narrative, though intriguing, suffers from prolonged stretches, hindering the overall viewing experience. If you can overlook the pacing issues, “Gaami” provides a unique and immersive cinematic journey that sets it apart from the usual fare.

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