Gaami: Vishwak Sen’s Heartfelt Tribute at Pre-Release Event Reveals Deep Bonds and Dedication

By cinema manishi Mar 7, 2024 #vishwak sen

Gaami, starring Vishwak Sen and Chandini Chowdhary in the lead roles, captivated audiences with its compelling trailer. Today, the film’s pre-release event in Hyderabad provided insights into the profound relationships and dedication behind the scenes.

Before commencing his speech, Vishwak Sen expressed gratitude to Adivi Sesh, SKN, and Hanu Raghuvapudi for gracing the event. Reflecting on the production journey, Vishwak Sen emphasized his unwavering trust in director Vidhyadhar, hailing him as the most honest person he’s ever met. He credited Gaami for not only fostering friendship but also creating a sense of family among the team.

Highlighting the contributions of DOP Vishwanath, Vishwak Sen predicted a bright future for him post-release. He delved into the essence of Gaami, revolving around three pivotal characters, CD333, Uma, and Shankar, portrayed by Mohammad Samad, Harika, and himself, respectively.

Expressing the team’s commitment to the project, Vishwak Sen acknowledged the risks undertaken and expressed hope for their fruitful outcomes. He revealed the profound impact Gaami left on him, promising a lingering effect that transcends the theater experience.

Addressing the audience, Vishwak Sen expressed pride in Gaami’s potential to resonate deeply and leave a lasting impression. He credited Adivi Sesh for inspiring him early in his career, setting the tone for his journey.

In a heartfelt tribute, Vishwak Sen lauded Chandini Chowdhary’s courage and dedication, particularly highlighting her resilience during challenging shoots in the Himalayas. He commended her unwavering commitment, exemplifying the spirit of the team.

Gaami emerges not just as a cinematic endeavor but as a testament to the bonds forged and the dedication poured into its creation.

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