Gangs of Godavari Trailer: Vishwak Sen Shines in a Bold New Avatar

Gangs of Godavari, directed by Krishna Chaitanya and based on true events, features Vishwak Sen as youth leader Rathnakar, with Neha Sshetty and Anjali in pivotal roles. The theatrical trailer was recently launched at a grand event, generating much excitement.

Vishwak Sen portrays Rathnakar, a complex character who believes in offensive tactics for self-preservation. Despite lacking formal education, unlike his love interest played by Neha Sshetty, Rathnakar strives relentlessly to rise from rags to riches, facing numerous challenges along the way. The film promises to unravel Rathnakar’s journey and the hurdles he overcomes, hitting theaters on May 31.

The trailer is laden with intense action and surprising cuss words, presenting Vishwak Sen in a striking new role. Anjali’s unexpected dialogue and glimpses of Neha Sshetty add to the intrigue. Produced by Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya, Gangs of Godavari looks set to showcase Vishwak Sen’s versatility in a gripping narrative.

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