Gangs of Godavari Twitter Review: Vishwak Sen’s Mass Feast

Gangs of Godavari Twitter Review:

The movie “Gangs of Godavari,” starring Vishwak Sen and directed by Krishna Chaitanya, released this Friday (today). Neha Shetty plays the female lead, while Anjali takes on a pivotal role. This film was produced by the top Tollywood production company Sitara Entertainments in collaboration with Fortune Four Banner. What’s the overseas premiere talk about this movie?

Mass Feast…

Vishwak Sen’s fans are tweeting that “Gangs of Godavari” is a mass feast. Director Krishna Chaitanya has crafted this movie around the story of a young man fighting against violence in the Lanka villages. They say the movie starts intriguingly with a voice-over by Vishwak Sen. The first action episode and the rest of the interval fight sequences are getting rave reviews.

A netizen tweeted that dialogues like “He left the first three fights to Amore, boss…” will elicit whistles in the theaters.

Lanka’s Gem…

Netizens are praising Vishwak Sen’s acting in the role of Lanka Ratna, a mix of action and comedy. They mention that this movie showcases a new angle of Vishwak Sen’s mass appeal. Neha Shetty’s performance in the role of Bujji, a village girl, is also being appreciated, with netizens commenting on the variations she portrayed.

Racy Screenplay…

A netizen tweeted that Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM gave life to the movie. They say director Krishna Chaitanya chose a good point for “Gangs of Godavari.” The movie is said to run without any lag, thanks to its racy screenplay. It is described as raw and rustic, with good backdrop and mass dialogues.

They mention that the movie never gets boring. However, some comments state that the direction feels completely outdated. The lack of expected mass elements from Vishwak Sen turned out to be a minus for the movie. They also note that the drama didn’t work out well, and the movie progresses flatly without any high moments.

By Rishi

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