Ghilli Re-Release Scores Big: 1st Weekend Box Office Collections

By cinema manishi Apr 22, 2024 #ghilli

The re-release of the iconic Tamil film “Ghilli” has proven to be a massive success, setting new benchmarks for re-releases at the box office. The movie’s comeback has garnered significant attention and exceptional collections, demonstrating the enduring popularity of this cult classic.

Over the opening weekend, “Ghilli” achieved an impressive worldwide gross of close to Rs. 8 crores, with Tamil Nadu contributing Rs. 4.3 crores to the total. What’s more remarkable is that the film maintained strong momentum on its second day, adding more than Rs. 3 crores gross. The Tamil Nadu gross now stands at over Rs. 7.5 crores, while the worldwide gross has reached 12 crores, making it a record-breaking re-release.

These figures are significant, with “Ghilli” crossing the double-digit gross threshold, a new achievement for re-releases. Despite today being a working day, the bookings continue to be robust, offering relief to theater owners and demonstrating the film’s enduring appeal.

Originally released in 2004, “Ghilli” is an official Tamil remake of Mahesh Babu’s “Okkadu” (2003). Starring Vijay, the movie tells the story of a young man who takes on a ruthless factionist in a Kabaddi setting. The memorable performances, coupled with Vidyasagar’s chart-topping music, made “Ghilli” a massive blockbuster 20 years ago. The success of its re-release confirms its place as a beloved classic in Tamil cinema history.

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