Google Play Store Removes Aha Video: Allu Aravind’s OTT Platform Faces Setback

By cinema manishi Mar 3, 2024

In 2020, Aha Video, the pioneering Telugu OTT streaming platform, was launched by Arha Media and Broadcasting Private Limited. The platform garnered massive viewership within a short period, leading to the launch of its Tamil counterpart in 2022.

Recent rumors have surfaced regarding Allu Aravind’s purported plans to sell the platform. Allegedly, discussions have been initiated with Sony and other companies. Despite its substantial viewership, Aha Video purportedly struggles to turn a profit due to the high production costs and content rights associated with movies and other media.

However, the platform encountered a setback in recent days as users reported being unable to download Aha videos. The Google Play Store removed the application due to alleged fee violation issues. It’s reported that Google increased its fees some years ago, but certain applications failed to comply with payment policies despite being given ample time. Consequently, Google removed several apps from the Play Store, including Aha.

Users have expressed frustration over the past two to three days due to the application’s unavailability. While the Aha Video team claimed to be addressing the issues, no resolution has been reached thus far.

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