Gopichand Shares Insights on ‘Bhimaa’

Gopichand’s much-awaited film “Bhimaa” is set to hit theaters this Friday, and the actor is leaving no stone unturned in promoting the movie. In a recent interview, he revealed, “While I have portrayed cop roles in the past, ‘Bhimaa’ introduces a semi-fantasy element, which is a new territory for me. It’s been a while since I essayed the role of a cop on screen.”

Emphasizing the uniqueness of the film, Gopichand added, “This isn’t your typical cop film. Alongside intense action sequences, ‘Bhimaa’ incorporates elements of fantasy, offering a fresh cinematic experience. The trailer has piqued the audience’s curiosity, leading to various interpretations and theories.”

Elaborating on the film’s essence, Gopichand shared, “Lord Shiva’s reference bookends the narrative of ‘Bhimaa,’ but it’s not a devotional film. With an engaging screenplay, the movie promises to resonate with audiences across all demographics.”

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