Gopichand Talks About His Upcoming Cop Action Drama “Bhimaa” and Future Projects

By cinema manishi Mar 5, 2024 #gopi chand

Macho star Gopichand collaborates with Kannada director A Harsha for an intense cop action drama titled “Bhimaa,” set to hit screens on March 8, 2024. To celebrate this upcoming release, we caught up with Gopichand for an exclusive interview. Here’s the transcript:

How did you come to be involved in Bhimaa?

Amidst the pandemic, our co-producer Sridhar and director Harsha presented me with the storyline over Facetime. While initially promising, I suggested a few tweaks. Eight months later, Harsha returned with the revisions, impressing me with enhanced character arcs and the incorporation of semi-fictional elements, thus securing my approval and that of producer Radha Mohan, propelling the project forward.

Could you describe your character in the film?

Bhimaa portrays a dedicated cop amidst a backdrop of action, love, and comedy, ensuring a diverse cinematic experience. The director’s meticulous character development ensures a memorable portrayal, promising a lasting impact on audiences.

What are your thoughts on dealing with film flops?

Attributing a film’s failure to the audience is counterproductive. Instead, it’s crucial to introspect and identify areas for improvement to resonate better with viewers. While setbacks are inevitable, learning from them is imperative for growth.

Radha Mohan mentioned that Bhimaa is his most expensive film. Any comments on that?

While I’m not privy to the exact budget, I advocate for responsible resource allocation aligned with the project’s requirements. Maintaining financial stability throughout production is paramount for producers.

What was your experience like working with director A Harsha?

A Harsha’s talent and dedication were evident throughout. His clarity of vision for each character and the screenplay was commendable.

Could you share your thoughts on the actresses in the film?

Both Malvika Nair and Priya Bhavani Shankar deliver commendable performances, contributing significantly to the film’s narrative.

What can you tell us about your future projects?

My collaboration with Srinu Vaitla is 30 percent complete, with additional projects under the SVCC banner and in the scripting stage with Radha Krishna Kumar, produced by UV Creations. While no OTT projects are confirmed, I’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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