Guntur Kaaram: Producer Naga Vamsi’s Strong Response to Media Criticism

By cinema manishi Mar 19, 2024 #guntur kaaram

Producer Naga Vamsi, the force behind Guntur Kaaram, didn’t mince words during a recent interaction regarding his upcoming project, “Tillu Square,” starring Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran. Addressing media speculation, he vehemently defended the film’s performance, asserting that contrary to media claims, they were far from disappointed with its outcome.

Vamsi’s frustration stemmed from the media’s treatment of Guntur Kaaram upon its release, particularly during the competitive Sankranthi festival season. Despite initial mixed reviews, the film managed to resonate with family audiences, drawing them to theaters with its wholesome content and the star power of Mahesh Babu and Director Trivikram.

Despite its respectable performance at the box office, certain sections of the media persisted in portraying Guntur Kaaram as a failure, drawing unfavorable comparisons to past disappointments like Agnyaathavaasi and Brahmotsavam. However, Vamsi stood firm, emphasizing that the film not only met but exceeded expectations, with pre-release profitability and a commendable 90% revenue recovery globally through theatrical screenings.

In essence, Guntur Kaaram’s journey, while not without its challenges, stands as a testament to the resilience of quality cinema and the unwavering confidence of its creators in the face of media scrutiny.

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