Guntur Kaaram TV Premiere: Date, Time, and Channel Information

By cinema manishi Mar 18, 2024 #mahesh babu

Mahesh Babu, the ‘Super Star,’ took on the action-packed drama of “Guntur Kaaram” in 2024, yet the box office returns labeled it as an average venture. Despite its release during the festive Sankranthi weekend, the film faced a barrage of highly negative reviews from both critics and audiences alike. Initial predictions hinted at a competitive crash, but surprisingly, the movie managed to hold its ground reasonably well during weekdays. This resilience could be credited to the festive spirit, family-oriented storyline, and undoubtedly, Mahesh Babu’s unmatched prowess in drawing crowds to theaters.

Following its theatrical run, “Guntur Kaaram” made its debut on Netflix, catering to audiences across the nation in five major languages. Contrary to its initial reception, the streaming platform witnessed a shift in opinions, with a mixed-to-positive response from viewers. What’s more, the film garnered significant traction from Tamil and Hindi audiences, adding to its unexpected appeal.

Despite the divided opinions, fans argue that while it may not rank as Guruji’s finest creation, it certainly doesn’t deserve the harsh criticism it initially received. Now, as the film gears up for its television premiere, helmed by Trivikram, all eyes are on its grand debut on Gemini TV during the auspicious festival of Ugadi. The looming question remains: how will the small-screen audience react to the enigma of ‘Ramana Gadu’?

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