Hanu-Man OTT Release: Director Prasanth Varma’s Prediction Rings True!

By cinema manishi Mar 18, 2024 #hanuman

The much-anticipated Tollywood sensation, “Hanu-Man,” originally a Sankranthi blockbuster, has now graced the digital platforms of ZEE5 and Jio Cinema, marking its OTT debut. Directed by Prasanth Varma and featuring Teja Sajja in the lead, the film’s arrival has stirred both applause and criticism.

Among the chatter on social media, a faction of netizens has voiced disappointment regarding the film’s VFX quality. Nonetheless, staunch supporters, cognizant of the team’s dedication, have risen to defend the project, rebuffing the detractors.

In a fascinating turn of events, Prasanth Varma had foreseen such reactions. In a post-release interview, he candidly addressed the VFX critique, elucidating the constraints of their budget and the strategic utilization of AI technologies like Unreal Engine for specific sequences. Varma even anticipated viewers’ ability to discern these enhancements through paused frames. However, despite this proactive stance, Varma has maintained silence amidst the ongoing critique.

As the digital debut unfolds on ZEE5 and Jio Cinema, audiences in Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam regions eagerly await the film’s release, with no official word from ZEE5 yet. Stay tuned for further developments in the saga of “Hanu-Man.”

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