‘HanuMan’ Set to Soar in 3D – Official Confirmation?

The Pan-Indian blockbuster “Hanu-Man,” directed by Prasanth Varma and featuring Teja Sajja, continues to dominate the box office, overshadowing the releases of both small and big-budget movies.

In a recent interview, Prasanth Varma revealed that he and his team are diligently working on something unique related to “Hanu-Man.” Simultaneously, a 3D version of the film underwent a test screening at Prasads theater in Hyderabad.

Rumors suggest that Prasanth Varma is actively involved in the 3D adaptation, targeting a summer release alongside the previously announced foreign language versions. Fans are eagerly awaiting an official confirmation from the team.

The star-studded cast of “Hanu-Man” includes Amrita Aiyer, Vinay Rai, Getup Srinu, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Satya, and Vennela Kishore in pivotal roles. Produced by K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment, the film boasts a musical score crafted by Gowrahari, Anudeep Dev, and Krishna Saurabh. Stay tuned for more intriguing updates.

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