Hanuman Hits 100crs: Prashanth Varma First Century in Films

In a remarkable achievement, the small film “HanuMan,” starring Teja Sajja, has not only crossed the 100-crore gross mark but has done so in an astonishing four days. This success is nothing short of sensational and marks a significant milestone for the movie.

The film has gained widespread acceptance in the Hindi belt, ensuring a promising and extended theatrical run. Despite facing competition from multiple releases in its home market, “HanuMan” has emerged as the top choice for moviegoers, showcasing its growing popularity.

The overseas performance of the film is nothing short of mind-boggling, with expectations that “HanuMan” will surpass the 200-crore mark. This estimate is already impressive, and the final numbers could potentially be even higher. Produced by Niranjan Reddy, the success of “HanuMan” exemplifies the power of engaging storytelling and the charisma of its lead actor, Teja Sajja. Keep an eye out for more updates on this victorious cinematic journey!

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