Hanuman Lands on New OTT Platform for Streaming

The recent Tollywood blockbuster, “Hanuman,” starring Teja Sajja, has been a resounding success nationwide, capturing the hearts of both Telugu and Hindi audiences alike. Grossing over 300 crores worldwide, the film capitalized on the Sankranthi season, proving to be a lucrative venture for its makers. Following its theatrical run, the film is now available for streaming on various OTT platforms.

The Hindi version of “Hanuman” is streaming on Jio Cinema, while the Telugu version can be found on Zee5. Exciting news awaits fans as the film’s Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam versions are set to premiere on Disney+Hotstar from April 5th. Despite underperforming at the box office in their respective regions, the film’s availability on Hotstar promises to attract a wider audience base.

The success of “Hanuman” has spurred discussions about a sequel, tentatively titled “Jai Hanuman.” However, director Prashant Varma is taking his time to embark on the sequel’s production, relishing in the triumph of the original. Anticipation runs high among fans and audiences, who hope that the sequel will surpass its predecessor’s success, fueled by its widespread recognition across India. The journey ahead holds promise, and audiences eagerly await what the future holds for this beloved franchise.

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