Hi Nanna: Nani experiences substantial growth on its second day

Nani, the Natural Star, saw the much-anticipated release of his latest film, “Hi Nanna,” in theaters a few days ago, and the response from both critics and audiences has been overwhelmingly positive. The movie not only opened to strong collections on its first day across urban, rural, and overseas markets but also experienced a remarkable surge on the second day—a rare feat for a Thursday release.

Director Shouryv skillfully crafted “Hi Nanna” into an emotional father-daughter saga intertwined with a captivating love story. The film has garnered significant interest from family audiences, making it a top choice among the current movie options. Trade circles predict a stellar first and extended weekend for “Hi Nanna,” with exceptional bookings expected for Saturday and Sunday.

The film’s success extends beyond domestic borders, with “Hi Nanna” making waves in the overseas market. Having already raked in $650K, the movie is poised to cross the one-million-dollar mark. Nani is presently in the USA, actively promoting the film, which is set to become his 9th movie to achieve this impressive milestone.

Produced on a grand scale by Vyra Entertainments, “Hi Nanna” is anticipated to enjoy a prolonged theatrical run, as predicted by trade experts. The film’s strong performance and positive reception indicate a promising trajectory for Nani’s latest cinematic venture.

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