How Doodling benefits your mental health

By Nikita Agrawal Apr 18, 2024 #mental health

Providing pencil and paper to the anxious, the distressed, and the disturbed might even have unexpected therapeutic benefits.

Doodling can actually help calm the racing mind and bring it back to a more quiet, restful space, not unlike meditation

Drawing and doodling are both physical experiences. They calm us down, lower our heart rate, deepen our breathing and bring us into the present. 

It’s a meditation. And for those of us with jumpy or judgy minds, it’s medicine.

 It lets the intuitive and spontaneous side of our brain take over and flow freely, opening the door to the unpredictables. Many find spontaneous drawing to be a recharge for their creative battery.

This type of mindfulness encourages people to be aware of present feelings or thoughts without judgment. It is the opposite of letting our mind drift away and becoming overwhelmed.

Research has shown that the repetition and rhythm of sketching activates a relaxation response, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and countering our body’s fight-or-flight response. 

As a result, the repetitive motion of moving a pen across the page over again is relaxing on a physiological level.

Keep calm and Doodle 

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