How Many Hours Of Physical Activity For Good Health?

By Rishi Apr 30, 2024 #physical activity #sleep

New research suggests that for optimal health, individuals should aim for more than four hours of physical activity each day, which can include light, moderate, or vigorous exercise. Light-intensity activities might involve everyday tasks like household chores or meal preparation, while moderate and vigorous exercises entail intentional movements such as brisk walking or gym workouts.

Additionally, the ideal daily routine should encompass at least eight hours of sleep, six hours of sitting, and five hours of standing. This comprehensive breakdown was determined by analyzing the behaviors of over 2,000 individuals within a 24-hour period to identify the optimal balance of sitting, sleeping, standing, and physical activity for overall health.

Lead author Christian Brakenridge from Swinburne University of Technology’s Centre for Urban Transitions stated, “This breakdown encompasses a wide range of health markers and converges on the 24 hours associated with overall optimal health.” The study, published in the journal Diabetologia, highlighted the different levels of each behavior required for various health markers, such as waist circumference and fasting glucose.

For instance, individuals with diabetes benefited from replacing sitting time with physical activity or light-intensity movements, resulting in improved blood glucose levels. The research also emphasized the impact of one activity replacing another on an individual’s overall day. Brakenridge explained, “Sleeping may be detrimental to health if it replaces exercise time, but beneficial if it replaces sedentary behavior.”

However, while exercise is crucial for health, maintaining a realistic and balanced time allocation is essential. Brakenridge noted that advocating for more exercise is valuable, but it’s impractical to aim for excessive exercise while completely eliminating sedentary behavior. The key lies in finding a sustainable balance between physical activity and rest throughout the day.

By Rishi

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