Hyderabad Tension: Group Attacks Pista House Outlet and Customers

By cinema manishi Mar 3, 2024 #hyderabad

Tension erupted in the Upperpalli area of Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, as a group of individuals launched an attack on a prominent Biryani restaurant, creating chaos and panic among customers.

Approximately 16 to 17 men forcefully entered Pista House in Upperpalli, catching diners off guard, and subjected them to physical assault. The situation escalated as the group also vandalized the restaurant furniture and destroyed food items, while assaulting those who attempted to resist.

In the midst of the chaos, frightened customers hurriedly fled the premises, seeking safety, while restaurant staff attempted to reason with the attackers. Additionally, some members of the group targeted vehicles parked outside the establishment.

Subsequently, the management of the restaurant lodged a complaint with the Attapur police, seeking intervention and justice regarding the disturbing incident.

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