Hyderabad’s Old City Metro Rail: Foundation Stone to be Laid on March 8

By cinema manishi Mar 4, 2024 #hyderabad #metro

Hyderabad is set to witness a significant milestone as the foundation stone for Phase I of the Hyderabad Metro rail project is scheduled to be laid on Friday, March 8. This phase encompasses a 5.5 km stretch from MGBS to Falaknuma, forming a crucial part of corridor II, the green line connecting JBS to Falaknuma. According to MD NVS Reddy of HMRL, approximately 1100 properties will be affected due to road widening required at the metro rail station locations. The total cost of the metro rail project, inclusive of expenses for road widening and utilities shifting, is estimated to be around Rs. 2,000 Cr.

The metro rail alignment is planned to traverse through Darulshifa, Puranihaveli, Etebarchowk, Alijakotla, Mir Momin Daira, Haribowli, Shalibanda, Shamsheergunj, Aliabad, ultimately culminating at the Falaknuma Metro Rail station as originally intended. Along this route, four stations are to be established, namely Salarjung Museum, Charminar, Shalibanda, and Falaknuma. Despite being situated approximately 500 meters away from the monuments, two of the stations, Salarjung Museum and Charminar, are named after these historic landmarks due to their significant cultural importance, as highlighted by NVS Reddy.

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