Indian 2: Aiming for Double Glory at the Box Office

The highly anticipated sequel to the sensational blockbuster “Indian” is gearing up for release this May under the title “Indian 2”. With ambitious goals set, the film aims to conquer two significant milestones at the box office: firstly, to establish itself as the highest-grossing film in Kollywood history, and secondly, to surpass the monumental 1000Cr mark in global earnings.

The anticipation within the Kollywood industry is palpable, as it eagerly awaits a film that resonates equally well across all linguistic audiences. While “2PointO” stands as the current Kollywood industry hit with an impressive gross of 700Cr, its performance in the Tamil market fell short of expectations, hindering its path to the coveted 1000Cr club. Previous releases like “Leo,” “Jailer,” and “Ponniyin Selvan” faced challenges in penetrating the northern markets, with the latter being confined primarily to Tamil-speaking regions. Consequently, Kollywood is yet to witness a blockbuster that crosses the 1000Cr mark, a milestone already achieved twice by Tollywood and once by Sandalwood.

Optimism runs high within Kollywood circles regarding the potential success of “Indian 2”, especially considering its predecessor’s widespread appeal across linguistic barriers. The film’s success in all languages, crucially as it’s part of a series with “Indian 3” slated to follow, is imperative. Director Shankar’s vision for “Indian 2” encompasses two primary objectives: to outshine “2PointO” and secure the mantle of Kollywood’s top-grossing film, while also crossing the 1000Cr threshold. The marketing strategy includes the release of a teaser alongside the announcement of the release date in early March, while anticipation is already building with the pre-sale of distribution rights in the Telugu states.

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