International Dance Day 2024 Inspirational quotes

Dancing unveils the enigma that music conceals, as Charles Baudelaire beautifully expressed.

Lynda Barr rightly said, any form of dancing surpasses the absence of it.

Martha Graham eloquently termed dance as the clandestine language of the soul.

Albert Einstein captured the essence of dance in its multifaceted expression—laughter, tears, madness, fears, hopes, and dreams.

Shirley MacLaine described dance as an art that etches itself onto the soul, manifesting in every facet of existence.

In the words of Paulo Coelho, dancing grants us the luxury of embracing our true selves.

Albert Einstein once more praised dancers as the divine athletes of the universe.

Mata Hari likened dance to poetry, with each movement akin to a word.

Lastly, Havelock Ellis portrayed dance as the sublime embodiment of life itself, transcending mere representation to become life’s essence.

By Rishi

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