Is Manjummel Boys Based on a True Story?

Actor-producer Soubin Shahir of Manjummel Boys disclosed in an interview with Film Companion that he kept in touch with actual survivors while the film was being made. “They brought up some unsettling details and incidents, which made me uneasy as both the producer and the actor who plays a significant part,” he stated. I used to give the actual folks dealing with this problem a call to hear their opinions at every turn.

 In addition, I would meet them in person, and to be very honest, I was nervous about how we would pull this off. To retain that feeling of reality, we stayed in contact with them.

A lot of films based on actual events are making a big splash in Malayalam cinema. Manjummel Boys has given another heartbreaking tale of a challenging rescue mission after Tovino Thomas’ 2018 film. 

The most recent Malayalam film, appears to be a follow-up to the 2006 event in which a group of young Malayali people from Ernakulam visited the caves. One of the friends became stranded after falling 60 feet during their journey. The victim’s companions reported the incident to the authorities, but they received no assistance.

In the end, one of the boys in the gang walked down to the cave to retrieve his companion by tying a rope around himself. The two boys were hauled to safety by the fire crew when they eventually intervened. The entire rescue mission, which took over five hours to complete, was an example of genuine friendship.

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