Is Sai Pallavi Set to Direct Her Debut Film?

By Rishi Mar 24, 2024 #sai pallavi

Sai Pallavi, renowned for her stellar performances and massive fan base, is currently immersed in multiple film projects, including her impending Hindi debut in not one but two films.

In a surprising turn of events, rumors circulating within Chennai’s film circles suggest that Sai Pallavi is gearing up to step into the director’s chair. Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet, this speculation is gaining traction rapidly.

Known for her exceptional talent, Sai Pallavi possesses all the qualities necessary to excel as a director, should she pursue this endeavor. While fans eagerly await further developments, Sai Pallavi remains occupied with the filming of Naga Chaitanya’s “Thandel,” currently underway in Vizag.

The industry awaits with bated breath to see if this intriguing rumor materializes into reality.

By Rishi

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