Janhvi Kapoor Reacts to Father’s Announcement of Upcoming Films with Suriya and Ram Charan

Bollywood luminary Boney Kapoor recently stirred headlines by affirming in a recent interview that his daughter, Janhvi Kapoor, has secured roles in films alongside Suriya and Ram Charan. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been any official confirmation from either the producer or the respective movie units of Ram Charan and Suriya regarding these projects. Despite this, Boney Kapoor chose to divulge this information to the media.

Reacting to her father’s statements, Janhvi Kapoor expressed her reservations, stating, “My father has made statements without prior consultation. I believe it’s premature to discuss these matters.” She further revealed that Boney Kapoor hadn’t discussed these projects with her or any other producer before making the announcement. With no official announcements yet, the actress refrained from divulging details about her upcoming ventures.

The incident highlights a potential misstep on Boney Kapoor’s part, as it’s typically the responsibility of movie teams to make such announcements once all details are finalized. Perhaps it would have been wiser for Boney Kapoor to refrain from disclosing specific film titles and maintain secrecy until official updates were ready from both projects. Janhvi Kapoor’s reaction suggests a level of dissatisfaction with her father’s premature disclosures. Additionally, she mentioned the status of NTR’s “Devara,” indicating that shooting is still pending, with songs yet to be filmed.

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