Jr NTR’s “Devara” Release Date Postponed Amidst Political Season: A Blessing in Disguise?

By cinema manishi Mar 14, 2024 #jr ntr

The eagerly anticipated release date of Jr NTR’s “Devara” was initially set for April 5th, even before the commencement of filming. However, as production began, the inevitable delays common to large-scale productions arose. Despite efforts by director Koratala Siva and the team to meet the original deadline, certain portions remained unfinished, prompting a rescheduling of the release.

Initially met with disappointment due to missing out on a prime blockbuster window amidst consecutive holidays, the delay may prove to be serendipitous. With the impending political season, marked by elections in April, the landscape has shifted significantly. These elections are poised to have a profound impact nationwide.

Recent and upcoming film releases have struggled to generate the desired buzz, failing to draw audiences to theaters amid heightened political fervor. As the elections draw nearer, this trend is expected to intensify. “Devara,” a pan-India production, relies heavily on a robust theater turnout. The postponement now appears advantageous, as it allows the political frenzy to subside, potentially enabling the film to garner the attention it deserves.

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