Kajal Aggarwal Opens Up About Her Project with Director Prasanth Varma

Did you know that Kajal Aggarwal was initially set to work on a film with HanuMan director Prasanth Varma? During promotions for Satyabhama, the popular actress discussed their stalled collaboration.

Kajal shared, “I am very happy for Prasanth Varma. He has achieved huge success with HanuMan. We had many discussions about our project, but sometimes things get put on hold as people move on to different endeavors. If everything aligns, we will revive the project.”

Following the massive success of HanuMan, Prasanth Varma has become a sought-after director, attracting stars from various industries. Rumors are buzzing about his potential project with Ranveer Singh, tentatively titled Rakshas. Additionally, he has another exciting project, Jai Hanuman, in the works. Fans are eager to see if Kajal and Prasanth Varma will eventually collaborate.

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