Krishnamma Streams on OTT Just One Week After Release

By cinema manishi May 17, 2024 #krishnamma

The interval between theatrical and OTT releases is rapidly closing. Traditionally, a 4-week gap is maintained between the two, but some movies have appeared on digital platforms just 20 days post-theatrical release.

A new precedent has been set with Satyadev’s Krishnamma arriving on OTT within a week of its release. Premiering on May 10th, the film is already available on Amazon Prime Video.

This swift move is surprising, especially after the team released a poster indicating that all distributors had broken even. The reality, however, is that the movie did not perform well at the box office. To recover the investment, early OTT streaming became the producer’s only viable option.

Directed by V V Gopala Krishna, Krishnamma is a revenge action drama featuring Archana, Krishna Burugula, Athira, and Meesala Lakshman. Produced by Krishna Kommalapati, the film garnered praise for its raw portrayal and Satyadev’s performance, but the story and screenplay failed to captivate the audience.

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