Krish’s Alleged Involvement in Drug Case Sparks Investigation Evasion Concerns

By cinema manishi Feb 29, 2024 #krish

The Radisson drugs case has garnered attention as the police named A10 accused Krish, yet Krish remained elusive, claiming innocence. Despite police assertions and a notice issued under Section 160 CrPC, Krish maintains he was present at the Radisson Hotel but did not partake in drug consumption.

For the past two years, the Radisson drug case has unfolded, with Vivek’s driver, Gaddala Praveen, and drug peddler Mirza Wahid Baig, identified as A11 and A12. Reports suggest Vivek fell into drug addiction last year, with director Krish and Nirbhai Sindhi allegedly involved in drug use at the hotel. A drug party on February 24 involved individuals like Shweta, Lissy, and Neil, alongside Krish.

Nirbhai Krish disclosed purchasing one gram of cocaine from Mirza Wahid Baig for Rs. 14,000, facilitated through Vivek’s driver, Gaddala Praveen. Further transactions, including a $22,000 transfer via Google Pay for two grams, hint at the scale of the drug trade. Currently, Krish and Raghu Charan’s phones are off, with signals tracing them to Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Krish’s absence during the investigation has been attributed to his involvement in Anushka’s movie shooting. However, failure to appear at the upcoming investigation could pose serious challenges for Krish moving forward.

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