Legends Unite: Chiranjeevi and Victory Venkatesh’s Heartwarming Encounter

By cinema manishi Feb 17, 2024

The latest snapshot capturing Padma Vibhushan Megastar Chiranjeevi and Victory Venkatesh has set the internet abuzz with excitement. This iconic duo graced a wedding ceremony, and Chiranjeevi delighted fans by sharing the cherished moment across his social media platforms. Alongside Chiru and Venky, esteemed producers Allu Arvind, Mythri Naveen, and TG Vishwa Prasad also shine in this endearing photograph.

In his heartfelt caption, Chiranjeevi expressed his joy at partaking in the wedding festivities of their dear friend Kumar Koneru’s son, Kiran Koneru, and Shaitalya Sree, extending his blessings to the newlyweds. The joyous occasion was further elevated with the presence of Venky Mama, adding to the jubilant atmosphere.

This enchanting image has garnered immense love from Mega fans and Daggubati aficionados alike, igniting fervent desires for a multistarrer featuring Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh. While Megastar gears up for his next venture, the fantasy action drama “Vishwambhara,” under the direction of Vassishta, Venkatesh embarks on a rural comedy collaboration with Anil Ravipudi.

As anticipation mounts for their upcoming projects, the camaraderie shared between these stalwarts continues to captivate audiences, leaving them yearning for more memorable moments both on and off-screen.

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