Love Me – Team’s Solid Promotional Campaigns for Upcoming Release!

Prepare for an exhilarating blend of horror and comedy in Love Me – If You Dare, the freshest cinematic venture featuring Ashish Reddy and the darling of Baby fame, Vaishnavi Chaitanya. Helmed by the visionary Arun Bhimavarapu, this marks his maiden voyage into the director’s chair in the realm of cinema.

With the highly anticipated release date of March 25, 2024, looming closer, the creators are leaving no stone unturned in orchestrating an electrifying promotional blitz. Get ready as the curtains lift on the trailer tomorrow at 04:05 AM, offering aficionados a tantalizing glimpse into the hair-raising and uproarious escapades awaiting in Love Me – If You Dare.

But hold onto your seats! Save the dates for the unveiling of two additional tracks from the movie, slated for May 18, 2024, and May 22, 2024, respectively.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on a grand pre-release extravaganza, where enthusiasts will have the exclusive opportunity to interact with the stellar cast and crew, heightening the anticipation for the film’s grand premiere.

Backed by the producing prowess of Harshith Reddy, Hanshitha Reddy, and Naga Mallidi, Love Me – If You Dare showcases the unparalleled talents of PC Sreeram behind the lens and MM Keeravaani orchestrating the melodies

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