Low Buzz Surrounds This Friday’s Releases in Tollywood

By Rishi May 8, 2024 #krishnamma #prathinidhi

As the IPL season continues to captivate audiences and political fervor escalates with the AP general elections, many producers have opted to postpone their movie releases for the upcoming weekend. Consequently, this Friday is poised to be relatively uneventful in Tollywood, with no major releases on the horizon.

Scheduled for release are Satyadev’s revenge drama “Krishnamma” and Nara Rohit’s political thriller “Prathinidhi 2,” albeit with minimal buzz surrounding these films. Additionally, smaller productions like “Aarambham,” “Jithender Reddy,” and “Satya” are also set to hit the screens, yet they too lack significant anticipation.

Despite the subdued excitement, “Krishnamma” and “Prathinidhi 2” have the opportunity to shine at the box office if they deliver compelling content and manage to garner positive word-of-mouth. Stay tuned as we await the performance of these films at the ticket windows this Friday.

By Rishi

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