Mahesh Babu to Share Profits in Upcoming Rajamouli Project: Details Revealed

By cinema manishi Mar 2, 2024 #mahesh babu

Excitement buzzes within the film industry as Mahesh Babu gears up for a collaboration with the renowned director, Rajamouli. With pre-production in full swing, speculations suggest the film’s launch scheduled for March.

Amidst the anticipation, rumors have sparked conversations in film circles regarding Mahesh’s unique approach to compensation. Reports speculate that instead of his usual fee, Mahesh may opt for a profit-sharing model with Rajamouli. While discussions with the producers are ongoing, this unconventional move has stirred considerable interest.

While this development remains speculative, the prospect of Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli joining forces has garnered widespread attention. Given Rajamouli’s track record of box office successes, the potential for substantial earnings for both parties upon the film’s release is undeniable.

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