Manjummel Boys: 25-Day Global Box Office Triumph

The biggest success story of the Malayalam Film Industry this year undoubtedly belongs to “Manjummel Boys.” This survival thriller has not only emerged as the new industry hit of Mollywood but has also captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, transcending language barriers. Remarkably, the film has surpassed the 50 crores mark in Tamil Nadu, an unprecedented feat for a Malayalam film which typically struggled to cross even 5 crores in the region.

In Kerala, “Manjummel Boys” has grossed an impressive 61 Cr, while its Tamil Nadu gross stands at around 53 Cr. The film has also garnered significant attention in Karnataka, with a gross of approximately 11 Cr. The all-India gross, including ROI, is nearing 130 Cr. Overseas, the film has achieved a remarkable milestone with a collection of $8 Million [66 Cr], culminating in a staggering worldwide gross of 196 Cr. With projections indicating it will soon surpass the 200 Cr mark, “Manjummel Boys” is poised to become the first Mollywood film to achieve this milestone.

Directed by Chidambaram, “Manjummel Boys” delves into a real-life incident, presenting a gripping survival drama centered around a group of men from Ernakulam, Kerala. The stellar cast, including Sreenath Bhasi, Soubin Shahir, Ganapathi, Balu Varghese, and Jean Paul Lal, among others, delivers compelling performances that have contributed to the film’s phenomenal success.

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