Manjummel Boys Hit Chances in Telugu?

Tomorrow, the Telugu version of the film will be released by Mythri Movie Makers. Today is the day of the film’s debut. Good reviews for the Telugu film are being received, and the movie has great bookings.

The 250 Cr mark is Manjummel Boys‘ next goal. In Kerala, the film is still performing well. It is possible for the film to enter the 250 Cr club if Telugu audiences respond well to it. Manjummel Boys has a good possibility of succeeding in Telugu, although buddy stories in films are the greatest choice in the summertime.

In addition, the film was not accessible on any streaming service when it was first released in Malayalam about 40 days ago. In actuality, Telugu viewers are equally intrigued by the film, which generated a lot of debate in Malayalam. Since the Telugu trailer was released, there has been more buzz. In Telugu, Manjummel Boys also has a chance to do well. Today’s screenings will feature the film’s premieres.

Telugu viewers don’t have linguistic barriers since we watch films in whatever language as long as there is positive discussion about them once they come out. Dubbed films have a good possibility of succeeding in Telugu-speaking states if they are heavily advertised.

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