Naga Chaitanya Hints at Dhootha 2 Sequel Announcement Following Part 1’s Success

Leading up to the release of the Dhootha web series, Naga Chaitanya teased the possibility of a sequel, Dhootha 2, contingent upon audience reception.

The premiere of Part 1 on Prime Video in December garnered immense praise from viewers, establishing itself as a standout Telugu web series. With 8 gripping episodes, the series unfolds as an investigative thriller, skillfully helmed by director Vikram Kumar, who seamlessly weaves suspense with poignant societal messages.

Consistently trending at the top spot on Prime Video, anticipation now mounts for the anticipated announcement of Part 2. Naga Chaitanya has hinted at potential news regarding Dhootha 2, with speculation rife that the announcement could be slated for March 19th. Stay tuned for updates on the Dhootha saga.

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