Naga Chaitanya’s ‘Thandel’ Chronicles a Fisherman’s Journey into Pakistani Waters

By Rishi May 21, 2024 #naga chaitanya #thandel

Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming release, “Thandel,” directed by Chandoo Mondeti, promises to be a captivating romantic drama with a patriotic undertone. In a recent interview, the actor revealed intriguing details about the film, shedding light on its real-life inspiration.

Chaitanya disclosed that “Thandel” draws from the remarkable true story of Raju, who inadvertently ventured into Pakistani waters, leading to nearly two years of imprisonment before his eventual return to India. Emphasizing the depth of his preparation for the role, the actor shared, “I dedicated nine months to thoroughly understanding the character. It’s an incredibly inspiring narrative. Ensuring authenticity, especially in portraying the Srikakulam accent, was paramount to me. I visited Raju’s home, where his courage and resolve left a profound impact on me. Additionally, spending time with fishermen allowed me to grasp the challenges they face daily. ‘Thandel’ is undoubtedly the most significant project of my career, and I felt compelled to do justice to the role.”

Produced by Bunny Vas under the GA2 Pictures banner, with esteemed producer Allu Arvind as the presenter, “Thandel” boasts music by the talented composer Devi Sri Prasad. The film is slated for release on December 20, 2024, promising audiences a compelling cinematic experience.

By Rishi

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