NBK 109 Unveils First Glimpse of Intense Action

By cinema manishi Mar 8, 2024 #bala krishna

In a thrilling preview, the makers of NBK 109 have given audiences a glimpse into the high-octane world of their upcoming film. The teaser opens with a dramatic scene of a forest engulfed in flames, followed by a gripping depiction of lava surging through dam gates, culminating in the majestic reveal of NBK’s title card.

The teaser then transitions to a powerful entry by Balakrishna, armed with weapons and exuding an aura of authority. Confronted by a goon questioning his intentions, Balayya delivers a formidable response, likening his actions to a lion hunting jackals rather than engaging in warfare. The sequence is accompanied by stylish shots that further elevate Balayya’s presence on screen.

From this initial glimpse, it’s evident that director Bobby is portraying Balakrishna in a larger-than-life, mass appeal role. Alongside Balakrishna, Bobby Deol and Urvashi Rautela play pivotal characters, with SS Thaman composing the electrifying musical score. Produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya, NBK 109 is a collaborative effort between Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas.

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