Neha Sshetty: Radhika Was Not a Negative Character in DJ Tillu

With her breakout role in “DJ Tillu,” actress Neha Sshetty became the heartthrob of youngsters, captivating audiences with her charming beauty and remarkable performance. Her character, Radhika, resonated deeply with viewers and even inspired a slew of memes. While promoting her upcoming film “Gangs of Godavari,” Neha Sshetty shared her insights about this special role.

Neha Sshetty explained, “I don’t think Radhika was a negative character at all. There’s a very fine line. Tillu’s frustration is directed at Radhika, not at her entire gender. I feel the audience grasped that nuance. People adore Tillu, and they could have disliked Radhika, but they embraced her instead. This shows that the audience fully understood the subtle tone we aimed for, and the fine line was perfectly conveyed.”

She added, “Radhika’s role has a lot of subtlety. She had to maintain a consistent emotion from start to finish, and keeping a poker face throughout the film wasn’t easy. This role significantly boosted my career by enhancing my performance skills.”

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