Nikhil and Pallavi Varma’s Baby Cradle Celebration

Hero Nikhil is overjoyed as he welcomes a new member into his family. On February 21st, his wife, Pallavi Varma, gave birth to a baby boy, filling their hearts with immense happiness. For Nikhil, the arrival of their son holds special significance, as he sees it as a reincarnation of his late father.

Today, the couple celebrated the cradle function of their newborn, sharing heartwarming pictures on social media. Pallavi Varma expressed her gratitude, writing, “Thank you for choosing us as your mama and papa. You changed our lives forever.” Their joy knows no bounds as they gaze at their bundle of joy, radiating warmth and love.

Nikhil and Pallavi exchanged vows in 2020 after a period of courtship. Professionally, Nikhil is gearing up for his role in the PAN Indian film “Swayambu,” where he portrays a formidable warrior.

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