Pawan Kalyan’s Comments on Sr. NTR and Krishna Spark Controversy; Senior Actor Naresh Responds

Pawan Kalyan, the popular actor and political leader, made a statement during his election campaign that has generated a mixed response from the public and the entertainment industry. In his speech, he discussed the late actor and politician Sr. NTR’s interactions with other actors, stating, “Though Sr. NTR was very famous, not all actors supported him politically. A few of them were in Congress. Krishna Garu used to criticize Sr. NTR Garu, but NTR Garu always remained silent. He never said a word against Krishna Garu. Though I had differences with TDP, they never caused trouble for my films.”

This comment did not sit well with fans of Krishna Garu, a well-known senior actor and politician. As a result, actor Naresh, who is closely related to Krishna Garu, responded to Pawan Kalyan’s remarks on Twitter. Naresh wrote, “I was shocked & deeply pained to see/hear Mr. Pawan Kalyan criticize superstar late Sri Krishnagaru in his address. Krishna Garu is known to have a heart of gold & a parliamentarian with ethics. His contribution to the film industry & and politics is yeomen. He never changed alliances nor criticized anyone personally in his political speeches.”

Pawan Kalyan’s fans defended their leader, suggesting that Naresh watch the complete video before drawing conclusions. This incident has further intensified the political atmosphere in Andhra Pradesh, with elections on the horizon. The back-and-forth between these prominent figures has fueled discussions among their respective fan bases, highlighting the complex dynamics of the entertainment and political landscape in the region.

As the political climate heats up, many are watching to see how these statements and reactions might influence voter sentiment. With not much time left before the final electoral showdown, the implications of these public exchanges could play a role in shaping the political narrative in Andhra Pradesh. Stay tuned for further developments and reactions from both the entertainment and political sectors.

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