Pawan Kalyan’s Dedication Shines in ‘OG’ with Special Martial Arts Sequence

By cinema manishi May 27, 2024 #OG #pawan kalyan

The excitement for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film, “OG,” is at an all-time high. Directed by Sujeeth, this gangster action drama will see Kalyan resuming his role post-election results. In a recent interview, Sujeeth revealed an intriguing detail about a key action sequence in the film.

“There is an Aikido (martial arts) sequence in the movie,” Sujeeth explained. “I designed it based on my knowledge and available resources. But Kalyan Garu wanted to deliver his best. He reached out to Aikido masters from Pune and Mumbai for multiple practice sessions.”

Sujeeth further added, “He also watched several YouTube videos and discussed the approach with me. With his valuable inputs, we redesigned the action block and completed it in three days. Initially, we planned to wrap it up in half a day. When Kalyan Garu finds something interesting, there’s no stopping him.”

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