Prabhas Fans Notice Interesting Detail in “Salaar” Streaming on OTT Platforms

By cinema manishi Apr 15, 2024 #prabhas

As fans eagerly anticipate Prabhas’s upcoming epic sci-fi drama “Kalki 2898 AD,” directed by Nag Ashwin, an intriguing discovery has been made by an avid fan of the Pan-Indian star regarding his previous film, “Salaar,” available for streaming on OTT platforms Netflix and Disney Plus Hotstar.

One of the highlights of “Salaar” is the intense Kaateramma fight sequence. However, fans have noticed an interesting alteration in the Hotstar version of the film. Specifically, the iconic ‘Hey Salaar!’ scream from the background score during the fight has been removed.

This observation has sparked curiosity among fans, as the original Telugu version on Netflix and the initial Hindi version on Hotstar both featured the sound. Many have revisited the scene, surprised by the absence of this key element, which added to the excitement for fans. Only Hotstar can provide clarification on this matter.

Meanwhile, Prabhas remains occupied with his ongoing commitments, including “Kalki 2898 AD” and “The Raja Saab.” With several other intriguing projects in the pipeline, further details will be unveiled in due time.

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