Prabhas’ Stunt Double Demand Remuneration more then a Star Heroine

By cinema manishi Jan 22, 2024 #prabhas #salaar

Prabhas, the renowned action star, is widely known for delivering high-octane performances in his films, featuring intense action sequences. While Prabhas doesn’t undertake all the risky stunts himself, his skilled body double has recently become the talk of the town. Reports suggest that the demand for Prabhas’ body double has soared, especially with the actor taking on consecutive action-packed projects. Rumors circulating in film circles claim that the body double commands a staggering fee of 8 to 9 crore per film, surpassing the earnings of many leading actresses. Although the news is yet to be officially confirmed, it has already created a buzz in the industry. Prabhas is set to captivate audiences in his upcoming film, Nag Ashwin’s Project K, also known as Kalki 2898 AD.

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