Prasanth Varma Unveils Intriguing Teaser for ‘Jai Hanuman’ Sequel!

By Rishi Apr 17, 2024 #prashanth varma

Amidst the auspicious festivities of Sree Rama Navami, enthusiasts eagerly awaited news regarding the much-anticipated sequel to the blockbuster hit “Hanu-Man,” aptly titled “Jai Hanuman.” Fulfilling their hopes, director Prasanth Varma recently unveiled an intriguing update about this superhero saga.

A captivating image surfaced, depicting Lord Hanuman solemnly pledging to Lord Rama, radiating positivity and sparking immense excitement among fans. With anticipation mounting, followers eagerly anticipate Prasanth Varma’s unique vision for the film.

Accompanying the image was a cryptic caption: “A sacred promise was once made in Tretayug and it shall be protected in Kalyug.” While Teja Sajja’s involvement in the project is confirmed, speculation abounds regarding the lead actor, heightening curiosity surrounding the film’s casting.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the mystical realm of “Jai Hanuman,” unraveling further updates as they emerge.

By Rishi

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