Prasanth Varma’s Hanu Man: OTT Premiere Date & Film Highlights

By cinema manishi Feb 20, 2024 #hanu man

Prasanth Varma’s highly awaited film, ‘Hanu Man,’ starring Teja Sajja, is set to debut on OTT platforms. Following its successful theatrical run, the blockbuster ‘HanuMan’ will be available digitally starting March 2, 2024. With an impressive 35-day stint in theaters, anticipation is high for its release on ZEE5. The movie showcases the extraordinary abilities of Lord Hanuman as he embarks on a heroic mission to safeguard a village from malevolent forces. Despite its modest budget, ‘Hanu Man’ captivated audiences with stunning visual effects, a compelling portrayal of Lord Hanuman, and a moderately engaging storyline. However, transitioning to the OTT platform presents new challenges. Certain flaws in the second half of ‘Hanu Man’ might become more pronounced during digital viewing. The film features moments that deliver an immersive experience in theaters but may not translate as effectively on mobile or desktop screens at home. It remains to be seen how the OTT audience will respond to one of Indian cinema’s biggest blockbusters of 2024.

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